In Oct 2017, Sophie Sanders created AMI Power Yoga, which she describes as a yoga community space without walls, inspired by the methodology of Baptiste Yoga™

Initially it was as simple taking over classes led by an established Baptiste-Inspired Yoga School in Singapore, New Angle Yoga. However she discovered that the work is more than that. She had to step up in her own power as a leader and be in creation of:

A yoga community that is welcoming and inviting to everyone; where they can be themselves, get connected to others, and find transformation in ways and places that they didn’t know is possible.

Classes that are empowering, challenging and consistent; and individuals who are committed to growth and up to experiencing their greatest potential on and off the mat.



To empower you to find your authentic selves on and off the mat, so you can be in action to empower others around you.

We offer regularly scheduled classes in Singapore and workshops/programs/teacher mentoring (inspired by Baptiste Yoga™ and more). We aim to provide a supportive space where teachers and practitioners can connect, make new friends, practice yoga, explore possibilities in their practice, teaching and life, and get inspired and be inspired by people in their community.



COMMUNITY - At AMI Power Yoga, we are big on community. We commit to create an environment that is welcoming and inviting and connected to everyone.

BEING OF SERVICE - Making a positive impact on others by showing up as you are and not what you think you should be and being a clear space to give without judgement or expecting anything return.

PLAY - Be willing to get messy and release the concern for looking good. We want to create pockets of joyfulness everywhere and anywhere.

POSSIBILITIES - We believe that anything is possible if we come from a place that anything is possible. We want to be in discovery of “what else is there” when we step out of our comfort zone and remove the rocks that get in our way.

INTEGRITY - Our words create our lives. We want to be honest and open in every interaction with people and even with ourselves. We do the things we say and take responsibility when we don’t.  It is also about having the courage to be vulnerable.

PRACTICE - Do the work! Through a consistent practice you will see both subtle shifts and big changes in your body and in your life. We are always in the practice asanas, meditation and inquiry even off the mat.

LOVE - We come from a place of love and support. All we ask is that you do the same – be compassionate, patient and kind to yourself.



AMI Power Yoga isn’t so much the style of yoga we practice, but it’s a way of being on and off the mat.

We practice Baptiste Yoga™ “Journey into Power” sequence, which is a holistic practice that will give you access to breath, focus, flow and strength all while having fun and empowering you to access your greatest self. You will leave the class feeling peaceful, rejuvenated, and inspired. Reclaim your full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, and create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities on the yoga mat and in your life.