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Digital 40 Days to Personal Revolution



Following Baron Baptiste’s revolutionary "40 Days to Personal Revolution” book, this program is designed to radically change your body and awaken your soul. 

Through yoga, meditation, diet and personal inquiry, you are given the tools to set yourself free to live the healthful life you have always imagined. Tapping into ancient wisdom and his own personal experience, Baron Baptiste created a relevant and practical program that will lead you home to mental clarity, lightness of body and illumination of spirit that comes with integrated whole-listic health. 

Our community will connect via weekly teleconferencing to support each other in our commitments to personal growth and expansiveness. Expect to be challenged in creating what’s possible for you in your life!




In or out of the studio. You don’t have to be the strongest, fittest or most flexible. You just need to show up for yourself just as you are. It can be a 20 mins practice in the 1st week as outlines in Baron’s book or you can attend any style of yoga class at your local yoga studios or follow your favourite yoga teacher online.


This will happen twice daily. Each week we will build upon the tools of the previous week, adding a weekly focus and increasing the length of time slowly. There will be guidelines in the book to help you or you can use a meditation style or tool/app that works for you.


You will be paying attention to the kinds of foods that you put in your body every day for the 40 days. The 40 days does include 3 days of fruit fast during week 4! Check out the 40 Days Balancing Diet Guide included in the Welcome Packet.


Each week there will be a short reading from the 40 Days to Personal Revolution book and journaling questions from your 40 Days workbook that will help you delve into your mind, identifying old mental patterns and creating new ones. We would also suggest that you keep your own journal during this experience as it can be very empowering to look back over it at the end and see how you have transformed. Your journal-keeping is for you only, and does not need to be shared.


Every Sunday night, Sophie will lead a 1 hour group discussions via Zoom, guided by the week’s reading to set goals and intentions, and get present to what’s coming up for you in your revolution. These weekly meetings are the most beneficial part of the program, where you connect with your community.  As the group moves and changes together, you will find strength and encouragement from the other participants’ sharing and be inspired to commit to this life-changing process.


This Personal Revolution program requires you to commit yourself 100%. No one will police your daily commitments nor read your personal journal. You are accountable to yourself and you make your own rules. Then again, your rules can be broken. 

There will be days when you are unable to do everything required. Just keep going rather than giving up, as there is no such thing as failure here! As they say "yoga begins when you want to get out of the pose.

Practice forgiveness.


Begin again.

(You will also need to purchase the book 40 Days to Personal Revolution  by Baron Baptiste to guide you through the program.)



You will get 40 days of support and motivation from Sophie and your community. And of course we intend to continue to support each other after 40 days too! 

The specifics INCLUDE: 

  • Welcome Packet – The packet will include a printable 40 Days workbook (which outlines the reading assignments plus a place to do your excavation questions and food journaling, the 40 Days Balancing Diet Guide and 40 Days setting up for Success Guide

  • 6 x Weekly online Zoom meetings (Sundays, 9-10 pm SGT) to set intentions for the week, provide support, and create community. All you need is an internet connection, a phone or computer and headphones. Calls will be recorded.

  • 6 x Weekly Emails to introduce the weekly theme and the foundations for your practice, and set goals and intentions, and get present to what’s coming for you in your revolution.

  • 2 x Podcasts of Yoga practices to use on the days that you are unable to make it to the studio to practice or if you are traveling for work. You will have these podcasts to keep forever!

  • 6 x Meditation Podcasts themed to the program ((5, 10,15, 20, 25, 30 minutes, 1 for each week). You will have these podcasts to keep forever!

  • Membership to private Facebook Group

  • Completion Certificate

  • For Singapore residents - 2 x Baptiste Power Vinyasa community classes (optional)**


  • The required reading “40 days to Personal Revolution Book" by Baron Baptiste. (You may purchase electronic or hard copy.)

  • Costs of Yoga classes. Participants can use their own yoga membership to fullfill the daily yoga practice requirement in any Yoga style. You can also do your own home practice via  (US$10 per month or US$99 per annum). 


Join us from anywhere! Weekly meetings will take place via Zoom. You can join the meeting anywhere you have access to a phone or internet.

**For Singapore Residents: The community classes are optional AND you are boldly encouraged to come and actively connect with your community. Location: (TBA).


The 40 Days is largely self-guided and adaptable to your personal goals. The program consists of weekly teleconference meetings (Sundays 9-10 pm SGT). For Singapore residents we have some face to face opportunities to connect! Throughout the week, you set your own schedule to include yoga practice 6x/week, daily meditation, weekly readings, and journaling. We encourage you to attend yoga classes in your own studios with your community or you can do your own self-practice. We are here to support you in creating a schedule that sets you up for success!


6 x Weekly Zoom Check In Sundays 9-10pm SGT

+ January 27

+ February 3

+ February 10

+ February 17

+ February 24

+ March 3

**2 x Baptiste Power Vinyasa community classes

+ January 27, 2-330pm Kick Off Session 

+ March 3, 2-4pm Community Celebration (includes refreshments)

Whether you are looking to develop a self-care routine of yoga, meditation and/or journaling, or seeking a shift in your daily habits or create a new way of being and living, the 40 days program will give you the foundation and inspiration to reset and begin again.


You want to:

  • Learn valuable self-care skills and practices

  • Create real change and transform your life

  • Get stronger in the mind, body and heart

  • Create accountability for yourself 

  • Gain tools to support new habits in your practice, eating habits, career, relationships and daily life,

  • Explore your limiting self-beliefs and fears

  • Get to know yourself

We WELCOME Students of all levels of yoga experience, from the brand new beginner to the experienced practitioner! The process works for anyone and from any walk of life…all ages, and fitness levels. 40 Days to Personal Revolution is a proven program for revolutionising and up levelling the many aspects of your practice and life.


Still sitting on the fence? Please read this FAQ. If you need further support, kindly email me at . I’m here to support you.

Know more about your facilitator, Sophie Sanders HERE.

For more information please email us at

Let’s give ourselves permission to press the RESET button and begin again!

Earlier Event: May 26
Baptiste Power Vinyasa @ 368 Thomson